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What is search engine optimization?

SEO is the application of various strategies to improve the search rankings of a website. These strategies range from on-page optimization, quality content, to authoritative link building.

How are you different than other SEO companies?

Every company says that they can deliver you results and we have the experience to back that up. What really makes us special is our dedication to generating sales and leads for your business.

How is SEO and PPC different?

SEO is a marketing strategy to increase search positions, for delivering organic search traffic. This strategy traditionally has a significantly better ROI over time in comparison to Paid Search.

Will I have to make changes to my website?

Most of the work we perform is in the code or content of each page. Typically, clients prefer having our staff make these changes.

How do you conduct keyword research?

We use a variety of tools to analyze keywords across all industry types. For each individual search phrase, we look to determine the search volume, relevancy to the client’s business.

Should my business use SEO?

If you request a free consultation, our digital marketing consultants will perform a brief discovery call and follow up with an SEO plan specific to the needs of your business.

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